I continue. No pictures of the band because between my phone and the huge guy in front of me, they wouldn't do them justice.

Lots more to write and say and think about Friday and Saturday…it will come, but not yet.

Lori, who I met Friday evening, please find me on Facebook (if you like)!



Walking back to the hotel, after the show. It was warm and smelled a bit wet from some rain that must have come down while we were in the show. It was perfect.



There was something nice about peering at the marquee from under the el. I haven't spent much time in the Loop in ages. It felt good.



Our hotel room was tiny, almost filled by the bed, but when I lay down I could see the Carbon and Carbide building. I took a picture when I got there and peered out, and then took a bunch more when I was lying in bed after the show. My friend Ceal thought that was very funny, but it seemed perfectly reasonable to me.


Glad to have this rainy, quiet morning. It was an intense week for a lot of different reasons, and I need this time to de-escalate a bit. 



2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coming Down

  1. Every time I’m in Chicago, I find it exhilarating! If I come in by train, the creosote and smoke in the station! The variety of people! The press of the crowds! Where did you stay? We stayed once at the Silversmith, which is on Wabash (I think?) under the El. Oh, so exciting. For a moment I think “I want to live here!” But them I’m happy to be home, where it’s more quiet, prices aren’t as crazy, and I can drive across down in 15 minutes.
    Great to see you Friday.

  2. You’re right! Every time I visit Chicago the traffic is stressful, but once I park, I love walking around seeing the people, shops and wonderful architecture. Then I say to myself “why don’t you come up here more often? “