It's just me and the cats right now. Hattie is in the window. No matter how many times Bob or Rascal kick her out, she always ends up where she wants to be, in the window. Life lesson #1 given to you by Hattie today.


Ernie and Leo just left, on time even, something we never manage when I'm in the mix. Leo was super organized and quietly excited. I said to him,' Can you believe this is finally here, that it is actually happening?" and his face just glowed for a minute. He has been waiting for this for something like five years since they first announced the restoration plans. It seemed so far away and here we are. He's 19 and he's off on his adventure. He's still got to fit in several finals but can do them online. The schedule works out pretty well, as they'll have a bit of downtime in Ogden, Utah while the train is on display, so he can do his finals then.

He even let me take a picture.


And then I pushed him too far.




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