The adrenalin of the next few days may kill me. Leo and Ernie are 1000 miles away but between texts, and emails, such as the one from Expedia canceling their hotel reservation, and live streaming from Union Pacific, I feel as though I am there. I think the whole city of Cheyenne is buzzing. 

The guys stopped in North Platte, Nebraska on the way to Cheyenne. Leo got to see a Union Pacific Challenger engine. Oh, and they did go visit the Big Boy in Omaha before going to dinner. They didn't go to my recommended restaurant, BUT they looked up on my blog the restaurant I had chosen last time we were in Omaha so they could go back, so I still count that as a victory.

Here is Leo at the Big Boy in Omaha. He's not smiling, BUT you can see his face!



And in the Challenger in North Platte.



And then a giddy text from Cheyenne.


Then I saw the email from Expedia come across my screen saying they couldn't fulfill our reservation. Yikes. Ernie was on the phone awhile for they eventually got a room for him. They tried to get him to take a Motel 6 and he said no. So they found another room. It was $75 more than the room they had reserved but Expedia is picking up the difference. When I talked with them they were in the room, about to go out to see the other Big Boy that is in town. It is not operational, but hell, it's a Big Boy. Then I think they'll finally get dinner. Hopefully, that and some sleep. Tomorrow is probably the biggest day of railchasing. The Big Boy leaves at 10:00 and doesn't arrive in Rawlins, Wyoming until 4:45. That's a LONG day when you've got adrenalin racing through you the whole time.

My sweet boys. I hope they are safe and careful, and that it's wonderful.


Ernie at the other Big Boy 4004


59069680_294440638100295_6944313264037691392_oduring  last night's test run, photo by Mike Harriman/Rail Colorado