Yesterday evening felt rather odd. Leo and Ernie were off in Wyoming, and Owen and a friend had headed to Chicago. I sat home alone. I felt rather exhausted. I think there was so much adrenalin getting Ernie and Leo ready and off on the road, then the relief of them getting there and seeing the Big Boy, that I finally was letting myself relax. But then I realized I needed to keep worrying about Owen. I knew he was going to a show in Chicago but I had somehow thought it was next week, and somehow I didn't realize it was at Metro. METRO. I don't know why that freaked me out but it did. As always though, I stop and remember that my mother, who was one of the world's biggest worriers, used to let me drive off to shows at the International Amphitheatre…no cell phones, no nothing. So, with a promise that he call when he gets there, and when he leaves (which he finds ridiculous) I let him go. 

Other than a parking ticket, they did fine. He clomped upstairs about 1:45 and came and chatted for a bit. "Have you ever been there?" he asked. Ha! I told him I couldn't count how many times I'd been there. We chatted about mosh pits, architecture, parking, and the like. Then he stumbled off to bed and I finally let myself sink into a real sleep.

I talked to Ernie and Leo today. They sound somewhat exhausted but great. Leo has already taken 1400 pictures. That is my boy.

Pictures from today:



Side note….what shows have you seen at Metro? I'm trying to remember but it's getting fuzzy. I know the first show was Bush Tetras and Gun Club. Remind me.