I got up way too early this morning as I'd forgotten about the time difference for the Big Boy taking off in Cheyenne. I decided to run to the store since I had no greens left. I got halfway to Aldi and realized my trunk was up. Not used to Leo's keyfob I guess. I pulled into a McDonald's and got out and closed the trunk. Got to Aldi's and couldn't get my quarter to work in the cart. Finally decided it was broken, and managed to get another cart. I started for the entrance and the door stayed closed. I stood there puzzled, as there were people inside. Finally I managed to claw the door open and go through; it tried to close on me as I went through. Nobody noticed. I dodged carts and managed to get what I needed. I headed to Schnuck's to pick up a last few things and finally, home. Watched the Big Boy take off from Cheyenne; I was giddy with excitement. Owen and I cleaned the cat box and put groceries away. Owen went for a drive, before heading off to Chicago with his friend Duncan. Now all my boys are off on adventures, and I felt somewhat exhausted.

I decided it was time for breakfast. It felt too late for a smoothie, so I went with a big salad of Spring greens, some purple cabbage, avocado, olive oil, salt, and topped with some grass-fed ground beef cooked with Tabasco and coconut aminos. Oh, and I sprinkled it all with a bit of unsweetened coconut. SO GOOD! That's Hattie in the background, grumbling a bit as I kicked her out of the chair.


I mostly post my food pics on my Instagram at The Sandwichless Life, but here are a few recent meals. I am probably in somewhat of a rut, but it works for me. A base of mixed greens, a mix of vegetables on top, usually some avocado, and then a piece of fish, or some grass-fed ground beef or bison. I'm still not eating other meats but may add eventually, we'll see.


Here's some tuna, probably with sesame oil and coconut aminos, on a salad with tricolor carrots, beets, and avocado.



This was about 9 cups of chopped vegetables (bok choy, purple cabbage, and kale) steamed, with sauteed bison, and a bit of leftover sweet potato. Oh, and some raw red pepper on top. Not the most beautiful, but incredibly warm and satisfyingly tasty.



Salmon, salad, and flax seed.