Ok. Enough. I need my boys back home.

The dishwasher is acting mysteriously, and not really working well. Standing water and weird smells.

The refrigerator was making a problematic sound but it seems to have taken pity on me and stopped.

Hattie is just not well.

Had to take Owen to the doctor today. Turns out he has bronchitis. $78 for the antibiotics. Thank you American health care system. He was supposed to get an inhaler too but the prescription somehow didn't make it to the pharmacy…and since it would be another $80 and she said to only use it for a day or two, we may see how the antibiotics do.

It's cold again, but that one really hot day fried my tree peonies.

I'm getting grumpy. 

Post house concert letdown.

I miss my guys.

I'll miss having all the pillows to myself, but it's time.

Come on Friday.

And just to end things on a more pleasant note….here is a picture of our beloved engines…..and the little car that was chasing them along with everybody else.