Mother's Day.

I've had my fair share of lousy Mother's Days. It's one of those days that brings too many expectations, even if you try to tamp them down,  and so, often as not, nobody wins. At least that's what I've found…and I have great guys, but Mother's Day has just always been kinda iffy in my book. However, I may have at last conquered it because today has been pretty nice already.

I suppose I should be one of those people posting pictures of my mother on Facebook today, but somehow it still hurts to think of my mother on a day like today. I miss her too much. I think of her all the time, but somehow, today, I don't like to. I suppose I'll miss her forever. I always tell myself that the pain of missing someone can only be inverse to the joy you had in loving them, so it's not a bad thing. Today, instead, I will think about my beautiful boys. The boys out west sent me flowers and I heard from them this morning as they left Ogden for the day's adventure chasing the Big Boy 4014. My youngest was out late last night and is still asleep, but he stumbled into my room this morning when he got up to go to the bathroom and said Happy Mother's Day. He's offered to work in the yard again but it's a tad cool and gray. We shall see. Just having some of my seeds in the ground makes me feel much calmer so I'm ok. I suppose we need to start getting ready for next Saturday's house concert. Or I might be lazy…and force Owen to hang out with me. Either way, I'm good.

Here's a shot of my beautiful Leo, in his brown jacket, set up with his tripod, waiting for the Big Boy to come through.


Ernie said it was a bit of a zoo…people lined up for a long way…then he had to go suddenly, for as we like to say, he thought he heard a train. Tom Mason, another beautiful boy I love…and such a gorgeous song.