I have not added legumes back into my diet. Ok, I do occasionally steal a peanut or two when I'm at Fries and Peanuts, but generally, I am still avoiding them. Until I have a not particularly great day, I'm still hungry after my dinner, and there's a jar of peanuts in the pantry. 

oh good God.

I have been curled up in bed all morning absolutely miserable. Now I know. No peanuts.

I finally dragged myself out of bed because Bob and Rascal were competing over who could curl up next to me because SOMEBODY gets very jealous. After one last dick move by Rascal I said the hell with it and came downstairs. I am attempting some water and Hattie is now tucked next to me. I'm trying to enjoy my time with Bob, as come Friday evening he will once again not be aware of my presence. Yes, my boys….FRIDAY. I'm a bit worried about their weather today as they trek off into Montana to find old Milwaukee Road substations. I've had no answers to my texts but they probably don't have service. They end up in Missoula tonight, and tomorrow they head home: Missoula to Buffalo, Wyoming (where Longmire was filmed (!) and I booked them a cool old hotel) then the next day to Omaha, and finally, to ME AND OWEN!

Owen trudged off to school today but I know he still feels lousy. He feels so vindicated when I dismiss something and then a doctor takes it seriously. It's worth being a bad mother to give him such pleasure!

Now, just feast your eyes on the pictures they sent me last night. I could not love them more for getting off the highway to take a picture of this for me.