1. I don't sleep better with Ernie gone, but I DO love using ALL the pillows. I think I need to buy more pillows before he gets home.

2. I watch a lot less tv, including news. I have mixed feelings about the news. I've always been a news kinda girl. Even in the days before the internet, I read multiple papers a day. And with the news as wretched as it is…it feels good not to watch…but that's not healthy either. So I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but…it's a thing. 

3. I will note I'm slowly finding my way back to watching the news courtesy Alabama.

4. I've been reading more books, but they have been of decidedly low quality. I guess I just want fluff because I miss him? Does that make sense?

5. He drove around and took pictures of signs for me today, while Leo finished up some school stuff (first year of college…#DONE….look I made a Big Boy joke!) and I decided I could not possibly love him more.

6. This sign was one of my favorites. It's from Rock Springs, Wyoming, but they are off to Rawlins today.


A bit of info from the National Register Historic District application:

The building was constructed in 1909 by A.T. Chalice and housed a jewelry and candy store. The rear portion contained the 250-seat Lyric Theater, later called the Oracle. In 1924, the Rex Amusement Company acquired the building and converted the old Oracle theater into a modern facility with 600 seats, elaborate fresco and mural decorations, and an electric sign that still hangs from the building. The upper story served as the Rex Hotel. The Rex Optical and Jewelry Company moved into the building in 1926. The company had a prominent, distinctive sign with a pair of eyeglasses placed on the roof of the building (if only they were still there).

The building later housed the J.J. Newberry and Company 5 and 10 Cent Store. The building was remodeled in 1941, probably to accommodate the J.J. Newberry store. The 1924 neon sign was retained and the word "Theatre" changed to "Hotel." Everything above the street level appears to be original. 

The sign has opal glass lettering, a sign style that was a precursor to neon. The neon would have been added later. Really wonderful, wonderful sign. Look at that detail.

7. Only 8 1/2 days till my babies are home.