1. Yesterday I got totally stressed out about the house concert, the house, life in general, etc. I cried, told Owen how much I missed his father and drank wine, which I'm not doing as much anymore. I fell into bed like a rock. This morning Owen didn't feel well and I didn't feel like moving. Eventually, we both got going, but it's been kind of a quiet day. I'm already shifting into that house concert mode of thinking, "Oh hell, it's ok if I don't do that…and that…"

2. I made a batch of sesame pasta (not noodles as per usual, but still same recipe) and cooked a big batch of quinoa. It will get a bunch of vegetables added to it, along with some ground bison, and a Thai-ish dressing. An experiment.

3. Ernie sent me some pictures a few minutes ago.

The Big Boy leaving Rawlins, Wyoming.


And, as my beloved husband put it, trainarazzis.


4. I've selected a couple of signs for them…he says he'll do it tomorrow. They have the day off tomorrow. They don't leave Laramie until Sunday morning (and Sherman Hill awaits….a BIG deal) so hopefully, they get a bit of a chance to rest. Then Cheyenne, then Montana, Billings and Missoula, and then HOME! When I gave Ernie his assignment re: signs he told me he was under a different manager currently. HA, I said.

5. Ray Bonneville tomorrow. See you there! Message me for info!