1. I realize I forgot to post our classic post-show picture from the Ray Bonneville house concert. It felt lonely with only Ray so I got a few others to join us. Thank you, Richard (and Steve, and Ray, and Mary, and Heather). And please note that there are three French-Canadians in the middle there.


2. I left for a meeting yesterday and as I walked out there were odd footprints in the mud that always gathers by the alley when it rains. I paused to ponder them as I pulled out of the alley in Leo's car…..wondering if was our resident woodchuck, when I saw a snake curled up on top of a daylily. I was on the phone with Owen telling him about the woodchuck tracks or whatever, so I squealed and said, "oh mh god, I just saw a snake." He patiently told me to drive on, so I did. The snake was small and looked all shiny and new (oh good god, ever since I made Owen watch Desperately Seeking Susan he's been playing Madonna…I never imagined this.), but STILL.

3. Earlier, Owen's home because of his poor bronchitis-y chest) I yelled up to him, "How do you feel about spiders?" I then explained that there was one in the bathroom closet. He called down from his room, "Do you want me to kick its ass?" I assured him I did, so he came stomping down a bit later pulling his gardening gloves on. He was victorious. He threw his gloves on the floor and yelled, "I kicked its ASS!"

4. Ernie and Leo are in Buffalo, Wyoming at the Occidental Hotel. It's a tad too Victorian for Leo's tastes, but Ernie loves it and says the people are lovely. At least Ernie went to the Saloon as I had requested. 




6. The washer doesn't seem to be working. Sigh.

7. I'm not sure what's going on, but I THINK I expressed Hattie's anal gland. That was not enjoyable. I've given birth, raised children, taken care of people dying of cancer and old age ailments, and this may have been the most revolting thing yet. Is there more in store for me? Hattie seems happier and is eating. Damned if I know.

8. Yet again, it has been proven that nobody can hurt your feelings as much as those you love. Owen took me to Huber's and bought me wine and popcorn though. Eh. There are always silver linings.

9. Tomorrow, at long last, Leo and Ernie come home.

10. I'm done.