Today was one of those days. Not bad, not good, not particularly productive or satisfying, but ok. I overslept, right through when I was supposed to be getting together with a friend I adore. Whoops. Rescheduled. Did some work. Talked to Owen when he came home for lunch. Went to Prairie Gardens, which I find a tad overwhelming (and side note: WHY do all the nurseries have everything in 4" pots these days? Well, yeah, I know why; it's so they can charge more…but FRUSTRATING). I managed to buy some seeds and a couple of plants. Headed to the Co-op and bought a few odds and ends and some pork loin chops from Slagel Family Farms. Then Owen came home from school and I attempted to get him enthused about helping me with a few things. Eh, yeah. Eventually, I cooked dinner while pissed at Owen. Leo texted me to let me know that I had screwed up some of the hotel reservations. I canceled the rooms I'd gotten and made reservations for some other ones. Had a piece of dark chocolate.

The takeaway?

The PORK. OMG. This is the first time I've had pork in some time. We're eating a lot less meat these days but when we do, we are trying to make sure it's local, pastured, etc. Pork loin chops are usually one of my least favorite cuts as they always seem to end up dry and somewhat tasteless. These? ANYTHING BUT. Good God, they were buttery and flavorful….absolutely amazing. Owen agreed, and I wasn't even mad at him anymore at that point.



A little more traditional of a meat and three than I've been having of late, but it was delightful. I made a pan sauce with fish sauce, maple syrup, sesame oil, chili paste, and balsamic vinegar, and drizzled it over some salad greens topped with quinoa, some broccoli, and the simply sauteed pork.