To nobody's great surprise, my itching to go for a drive won out over the need for yard work. We wandered north, trying to find a few towns we hadn't been to before. We ended up with Piper City, Roberts, and Thawville. Delightful all. This morning I have spent a stupid amount of time trying to figure out what the name of this Thawville bar used to be. To no avail, I might add. Just look at those little lions holding the chains over the door.


And there's all the time I've spent perusing the menus of the Happy Days Diner, to see if there's anything I could eat. Not really, but look at their sign!! Note, the diner is for sale for $94,000 and serves about 85 meals a day. We stopped at the gas station next to it to get some gas and to go to the bathroom. I asked where the bathroom was and the woman said, "Take a left at the Slim Jims." "What wonderful directions," I said, and we both laughed. She was standing outside smoking a cigarette when Ernie headed in, and she yelled, "Take a left at the Slim Jims," and we laughed again and talked about the weather for a minute. Nice moments.


And then there's this one, in Roberts, that is for sale for back taxes for a whopping $813. I worry so about these towns.


Eventually, we headed back home, hung out a bit, watched a bit of tv, made some dinner, and sat outside with Leo watching the lightning. 

A good day.

Ernie went with a frozen pizza because that's what he felt like. I made a salad with strawberries and kohlrabi from the farmers' market. Baby spinach and kale, avocado, aforementioned strawberries and kohlrabi, walnuts, coconut, flax seed, olive oil, salt and pepper and a teeny bit of leftover grass-fed ground beef. Oh, and cucumber too!