The birthday boy gets to choose whatever he wants for dinner so Owen and I tackled fried chicken for Ernie. We used a recipe from one of Owen's favorite YouTube cooking video guys. I had just one tiny nibble of the crust (because I LOVE crunch) and it was GOOD. It was also a really simple recipe, as long as you remember to marinate the chicken in buttermilk ahead of time. We got the heat of the oil a bit high so it got a little too dark, but, next time we'll know. Owen also made his now famous cornbread in a cast iron skillet. I made a mound of old fashioned potato salad for Ernie and I cooked some asparagus because good God we needed something green. Me? I had crispy skinned salmon with asparagus. I was supposed to make a salad too but that didn't happen.

You haven't seen Ernie happy until you've seen him with a big bowl of potato salad and some fried chicken.

The best part of the evening, of course, is just sitting around the table with my guys, despite my poor Leo being sick as a dog. Since it was Ernie's birthday he joined us for a bit before retiring back to bed.