I'm guessing so. Which is good, because I've got a goddamn, common, garden-variety, really not a big deal, irritating as fuck, cold. 

I kinda think it's my fault. I think I pushed myself too much. As I've said before, I'm a complicated little eco-system these days, and I think I just pushed myself a bit far, even though it was all good stuff. I went to Beaver Island (which I LOVED), tried to fit some work in while I was there, hurt my knee God knows how, made myself go to the Rosebowl a few days after we got back, worked some more, and went to Moccasin Creek. And the next day I felt exhausted. And the next day? A scratchy throat. And, now, well, here I am, with a mountain of tissue at my side.

I'm feeling good. Compared to a year ago I feel freaking FANTASTIC, but I think, at least for now, this is my new normal. I need to take care of myself a little more than I used to. 

Balance. Everything in life is a fucking balance. Why is balance so hard to achieve?

One thing I know….Adam and Chris Carroll make me inordinately happy. And THAT is very, very good for me.

My contributions to the potluck will be simple tomorrow. A big old batch of my sesame noodles and a huge salad. Sound good?

Now, we're off to the cancer center.

Yeah, that'll cheer me up. Ha. Well, I love our oncologist so much that it's ok.

See you tomorrow!


Adam and chris