Well, it wasn't a family dinner, and we all cooked separately, but we all ate well. Leo did his own thing. Owen had no interest in our gluten-free gnocchi, so he cooked pork chops, made a pan sauce, and served it with sesame noodles (which he also made) and sugar snap peas. And it tickles me that he likes to use my Flow Blue plates. 

Ernie and I had gnocchi with mushrooms, arugula, and walnuts. I gotta say it was pretty great. I don't eat a lot of white potatoes these days, but once in a while. I had bought this gluten-free gnocchi ages ago and had never used it. I made some garlic oil…it's not as good as actual garlic, but it helps. Then I sauteed the mushrooms, walnuts, and arugula until the arugula was wilted and tossed it all together. It couldn't have been easier and was comforting and nourishing on a tired evening.


Tonight we're doing shrimp, which I haven't had in a while. Not sure what I'll do with it, but there might be basil and sweet potato involved. Hmmm. Or maybe broccoli.

And to with absolutely nothing, here is a picture of my black pansies. I'm quite fond of them. Auto correct just tried to change that to black panties. Ha. Oops, what the hell, never mind…they are obviously petunias!