We always indulge ourselves the day after a house concert. I woke up earlier than I wanted to as I was hacking away (although I think the cold is now receding…perhaps Adam and Chris Carroll really CAN cure the common cold). I meandered downstairs and curled up in the media room with Ernie. And, well, that's pretty much we did for most of the day. We did venture to the front porch for a while. I deadheaded the windowboxes. That was pretty much the extent of my productivity for the day. Usually we'll go out for a drink the day after a show but we didn't even do that. It felt really nice. We binge watched a show (How to Make It In America, or something like that). I didn't feel great because I had cheated late night with some gluten and garlic but I was ok…and as the skies got a bit gray the light felt good and soft and safe. Ernie and I were planning on leftovers but Owen wanted to make pizza. He came home from the store with supplies only to find he'd forgotten his favorite Paul Newman's Sockarooni sauce. We assured him we had some canned tomatoes and he could make his own sauce. I said I'd help him but I quickly realized I was taking over too much. So I gave him some advice and left him on his own. He consulted a recipe or two and a video or two and ended up making truly wonderful sauce. Canned whole tomatoes, onion, garlic, olive oil, a dash of sugar, oregano, basil, finely diced carrot….that might be it…I'm not sure, but it was really great. He asked for help with the pizza crust and I said, "Oh, nooooo, that's like baking…you'll have to ask your father. So Ernie headed into the kitchen and the music got loud and I sat in the darkening living room. It was lovely.

Owen said the wine bottle worked just fine as a rolling pin.


An action shot of him sliding the pizza onto the stone. I was impressed!
My dinner to the left….Owen's pizza, complete with freshly picked basil. I did steal one piece of pepperoni because I will always be a pepperoni girl.