Feeling very random today, so random notes it is.

1. Random memory Ernie and I laughed about the other day. One time I was hosting Thanksgiving (a long, long time ago) and a couple that was coming asked what they should bring. I said to just bring whatever they would like to drink. What I meant was, bring a bottle of wine or some beer. What did they do? They brought two cans of coke, set them at their places at the table, and promptly asked for a couple of beers. Communication is so complicated. It still amuses me.

2. We're going out of town for a few days and I am stymied by how much I have to do before that.

3. I seem to have only two modes for when I go to meetings. As I'm driving I think, "OMG, I'm EARLY, must drive out of the way so I don't get there early." Then I immediately move into, "OMG, I'm going to be LATE, LATE, LATE." There is no mode during which I think I am going to arrive at the perfect time. It's one or the other. I think I got this from my mother.

4. I love these people.


5. Breakfast this morning. Leftover sweet potato, broccoli, and jicama. And yes, the house concert chairs are still sitting in the living room. At this point, I guess we'll leave them there until Adam and Chris Carroll. We did put everything else away. Promise. And by the way, Adam and Chris are two of our favorite humans, and performers; do NOT miss this one. Honest. I'm thinking a monster batch of sesame noodles and a big salad. Sound ok?

I am wiped tonight.