1. I could not possibly love our oncologist more. The visit? Meh. But Dr. Vasireddy? I love him. And we talked about trains!

2. My smoothie is delightful today. I didn't feel like making it but I don't really have anything else to eat and I know it will be a long day. Sigh. So I forced myself to do it and it's great. Frozen blueberries, half an avocado, a big heap of spinach and half a leftover sweet potato. It's SO good. You don't really taste the sweet potato but the sweetness makes the blueberries pop, even though there weren't that many. 


3. Dinner last night. The night before a house concert, and post-Cancer Center, so pizza is traditional. Ernie and Owen did that but I stuck with my new standard. A kind stir fry mess of sweet potato, sugar snap peas, broccoli, and a piece of tuna. I did eat part of Ernie's pizza crust. I miss crust.

4. Nice night with Dennis the other night. I faded fast and collapsed after dinner, but it was good to have him over. First pulled pork Ernie's made in a long time!


5. In other news, FAR more important than what I am eating…. Leo is not in the above picture for a very good reason. He was getting ready to play a DJ set. Yes, LEO played a DJ set at SOMA Wednesday night! Here's the closest thing to a selfie I'll ever get… a picture he took in the mirror with our beloved Tim Williams djing in front of him. I'm so proud and happy for him. He's having a good year. My sweet pea.


Other news? Hmmm.

6. My head still feels as though it's stuffed with straw. 

7. Owen got up and mowed the lawn like the delightful creature that he is.

8. I'm sad he has to work tonight as I wish he could see Adam and Chris Carroll.

9. Oh, yeah, and ADAM AND CHRIS CARROLL TONIGHT. Life is good.