1. Dean's List for my sweet pea. I think he was pleased. As were we, and I know his grandparents would have been tickled.


2. I have pretty much conquered the smoothie. I remember throwing out my first few, and I do still find that if I make them too thick I don't care for them. No more than half an avocado! My standard is berries, half an avocado, a handful of coconut flakes, and a couple of big handfuls of greens.

3. I like to buy frozen berries at Aldi's but they've been out of blueberries of late. I stopped at Harvest Market and was wowed by their selection of frozen fruit. Organic cherries and raspberries. Woo-hooo!


4. Last night's dinner. We'd had a pancake night planned but I seemed to come down with whatever Leo has had. Mid-morning I started feeling terrible and by early afternoon was on the couch with a bit of a fever and aches all over. It seemed to pass quickly though, and I feel pretty good today. I must say, since giving up gluten, in particular, and changing my diet in other ways, I don't get colds and flu NEARLY as much as I used to. And when I do get something it doesn't seem to last as long or hit me as hard. Anyway, so I canceled pancake night. Ernie and Owen had ham and eggs and I made myself a salad with a piece of seared tuna. 


5. Of course, I fell asleep yesterday when I had a fever, so it means I didn't sleep well at all last night; I'm a bit bleary today.

6. AND it's June and hot so our a/c stopped working. GRRRR.

7. Last, but not least, one more shot from Montana. Oh, and speaking of which, Leo has updated his website, it will now be focusing on his photographs and music!