Steamed vegetables with ground bison sounds so uninspired. It actually was actually quite inspiring. Sometimes I forget how good steamed vegetables really are. We had a head of broccoli and a bunch of blue kale from Farmer Greg. I cut them both up and set them on top of my battered little steamer, with some water, in a dutch oven. When they started to soften in I threw in a chopped red bell pepper and a yellow one. I started sauteing about 3/4 of a lb of ground bison in some garlic oil. When the vegetables were just getting soft I added them to the bison. I sprinkled in some cumin seed, fennel seed, salt and pepper. That was it. It was ridiculously good.

That, and a square of dark chocolate, made for lovely dinner.

In other news, my poor Leo is still sick. Hopefully better today and back to work tomorrow. Owen's torn between deciding whether to get a class over with in summer school or have it his last semester of high school. Decisions. 

Grey skies today. Lord only knows we don't need more rain, but I wouldn't mind a rainy day.