I think my cold is finally receding although I wake up coughing every morning. What amazes me is how my body can keep producing this gunk. Where does it come from? How can I KEEP blowing my nose? Don't answer those questions. I was exhausted last night and went to bed before Ernie (which is rare as he gets up hours before me). I must admit I panic a bit when I start not feeling good or being really tired. There's a hint of PTSD in this (not to make light of that in any way). Last year was so awful, and I was so incapacitated, and yet some people just didn't take it seriously or believe me. Invisible illness. It took me a long time to work through that, on so many levels, that when I feel a familiar sense of exhaustion or weakness, I start to panic. I panic, thinking maybe it's coming back. I try to calm myself, and remember that stress is a crazy exacerbator. It's a question of managing myself, getting enough rest, not pushing too much. I am focusing on work right now, working with a number of different clients and it is going well. This cold just really knocked me out and it's taken me longer to bounce back than I thought. So I will have a quiet day today, get some work done, and also rest.

Balance, balance, balance. 


Side note…how am I getting pink and white flowers on the same coneflower plant?

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