Huh. So I got bashed today (nicely) for using the phrase 'clean eating,' and told that it was classist and racist. Sigh. And on a day I already had written about not feeling well and struggling with balance. Sometimes life just makes me fucking tired. I googled a bit and yes, there are acres of articles with this viewpoint. And I get some of it. I do. I found my way to the term 'clean eating' because I couldn't figure out how to explain the way I am eating to folks. My eating habits and diet are still a work in progress, they are cobbled together from various approaches and experiments and how my body responds to food. Am I eating 100% organic? No. Am I 100% grain free? No. Am I 100% dairy free? No. Am I low carb? Sometimes. Am I paleo? Not really. Am I vegan? No, but some meals are. Am I low fodmap? Most of the time, but always with some ingredients (such as my beloved garlic). I don't know how to say all that, and people ask, so I struggle to find a way to explain it. Lord, I'm not even sure that I understand it. Part of the reason I use the phrase is that after having to knock out so many foods, I use fewer ingredients and sometimes the flavors just taste cleaner to me. Simpler, clearer. 

I'm not saying others should eat as I do. I WISH I didn't have to eat this way. But it is the hard-won and long searched for help for increasingly incapacitating autoimmune issues. 

Do I live in a food desert? No. Do I shop at Whole Foods? No, and I wouldn't even if there was one here because I sure as hell couldn't afford it. Do I get my organics at Aldi? Yes. 

And the article that said people that eat cleanly don't have real problems? Well, fuck you. I've got some really big fucking problems and they are real as hell.

I'll try to avoid the term clean eating.

Can someone suggest what I should use instead? I really don't know.

2 thoughts on “Coming Clean

  1. “Eating Cynthia?” “Eating for me?” How do you get “nicely” bashed? Eh, I get it, but I didn’t know “clean eating” was a loaded phrase. You keep doing you and feeling better! This cold is a normal summer cold and not a return to 2018.