Fighting hard to put myself in a good mood. Look.


See? I'm trying.


Sad and upset with one of my sons. Hell, they're teenagers, I know it's to be expected, but it is still difficult. Whenever I get angry at one of them I always end up angry at myself, because I feel that I have failed them. And, of course, it doesn't feel good to be angry at yourself. Feeling hurt brings back some of the hurt I felt last year when I was so sick and so many people either never reached out to me, or didn't believe me. People I had known, or worked with, for YEARS. I'm still processing a lot of this. Of course, I had a ton of friends that DID reach out and support me completely, so I'm not asking for pity. I am very fortunate in so many ways. However, as I continue to feel better, but also realize that I still have a ways to go, I also continue to process the experience. Maybe hurt echoes more than happiness. I'll have to think about that.