Absolutely extraordinary.


A mind-blowingly great show from Gretchen Peters and Barry Walsh last night.

All I could think as I sat through the show grinning like an idiot was that if I could be a songwriter and musician, I would be her. It's as though she was in my head. I adore many songwriters, but I never feel that way. IN MY HEAD. Sometimes I love songwriters for the very fact that they are looking at things in a way that I can't or just haven't…but this was different. And, as is often the case, the musicians I love the most are also delightful people; kind and funny and smart.


THAT was a great one.

Thanks to all that came—-absolutely loved having some new folks, people that are quickly becoming friends, and my beloved regulars. I also loved that some people were there—had traveled to get here—just because they were so thrilled they were playing here. Others didn't really know anything about her and were completely blown away. I love feeling like I'm spreading the word, that we're introducing incredible music to people. When the clapping is that hard and that long for every single song….you know the connections are fierce and strong.

Great food, great drink, as always. You are all so generous. Oh, and I DO wish I'd taken a picture of the big bowl of Doritos I ate after the show—for all of you that think I eat healthy all the time. I was going to take a picture this morning, but somehow the bag had been spirited upstairs and was empty. Damn you, Owen.

Glorious, glorious, glorious. I am just floating.

Love to you all, and especially Gretchen and Barry. Thank you so very, very much.


67354481_10219356712849487_8957664013936754688_o-2photo by Richard McClaughry Hill

I didn't move much from my corner…so my pictures are meh, but I liked this pretty well…the light.



I looked over and saw Eric and Naomi Jakobsson, and Eric's smile made me so happy.


When I got up to whisper in Ernie's ear, "we forgot to turn the lights on," it gave me a different view. I like seeing that vinyl lined up on top of the sideboard, underneath Greta's watchful eye.