I met Rick Graves a few years back when I sat next to him at an Ian Hunter show at City Winery. I could tell he was taking great pictures so I asked him his name. Since then we've run into each other at an Ian show here or there (well, Chicago for me…he goes all over to see Ian) and he's always been lovely. When I moaned online that I couldn't get a City Winery Ian Hunter 80th birthday party bottle of wine that was available only at the New York shows, he kindly said he'd bring one back for me. Sometimes you just gotta love social media. I know it has its downsides, but then again; how delightful is that? Yesterday evening, a friend of Rick's delivered the wine to our house. 

I was giddy.

I even let Ernie take a picture.

Thank you a million times, Rick!

Then I sat it on the mantel, in a place of honor. As I lay in bed trying to fall asleep last night my mind kept obsessing over the fact that the Cable goblet next to it was made around 1860, which was around 80 years before Ian Hunter was born, and now it's 80 years since he was born. I don't know….late at night, it all seemed very meaningful.


Ernie and I have been puttering around the house, getting ready for the Gretchen Peters concert tonight. Off to doctor appointments in a bit. The house is freezing right now, but I know the air conditioner will have to fight to keep this drafty old uninsulated house cool tonight, so I am determinedly shivering.

Hope to see you all tonight. This is going to be a very special show.