I rarely leave a post unfinished and unpublished. As you well know, I throw everything on here whether it's interesting or not. Ha! It's just my life, splat, on a computer screen. Over the last several days, however, I've abandoned several posts. They were just so unutterably dull I couldn't bring myself to hit publish. I'm going to force myself to publish this no matter what, because writing these posts, for whatever reason, keeps me on track somehow. So here goes; my very random notes:

Despite the weeds, my flowers are finally blooming. Nasturtiums, zinnias, and bachelor's buttons. It's not truly summer until my seeds bloom.


Hattie keeps getting smaller, but she seems to have stabilized a bit. She's raggedy but she eats and purrs, and when I wouldn't scratch her head this morning because I was still half asleep, she walked over and laid down on top of my glasses in protest. I like that girl.


Lazy dinner last night….salmon over greens with avocado and flaxseed. I should have added some other vegetables, but I wasn't feeling it.


Today? I've got work to do, while Ernie is cleaning madly for tomorrow's house concert with Gretchen Peters and Barry Walsh. He's got a couple of doctor's appointments tomorrow which means we need to be mostly ready tonight. He's not supposed to lift anything heavy so Owen will set up the PA for him, Leo's said he'll bring chairs up from the basement. Oh, and Owen is mowing the lawn as I write, despite the wretched heat. They are my sweet peas. Always and forever.

Ok. Dull or not. Onward.