Yesterday was just one of those days. Had planned to go to a gathering but Ernie wasn't feeling great from Friday's procedure. I did a bit of work, read, and fidgeted. I was at loose ends and wanted to get out of the house. Leo came down and we worked on picking his classes for fall. By the time we were done with that, I had settled down a bit. Then Owen came home, furious at us because he had broken down and we hadn't answered our phones. Somebody had stopped and helped him. Then we had dinner and the salad I made for the potluck was just plain bad. Bad enough that we threw it out. Too much curry powder maybe? Sigh. Just one of those days. I was happy to go to bed. Today I have a couple of things that I don't want to do but I will get through it. Oh, and we have to figure out our tree situation.

Monday, Monday.




At least I actually blanched all the kale I was given, instead of letting it go bad. Small victories help.