1. I'm still pondering the whole clean-eating-is-classist-and-racist thing. Here is one article, from Vice. One of the places they lose me is when they talk about clean eating being for weight loss. I don't think it has a damn thing to do with weight loss. And the people they cite believing that organic food has fewer calories and more nutrients are, well, in a word, stupid. Here is another article about the backlash to clean eating, which I tend to agree with more.

2. I guess it's more about what people hear than about what I mean. Speech is complicated. 

3. In honor of all this confusion, and because I wasn't having a particularly good day yesterday, I had Ernie take me to Huber's so I could drink wine and eat not particularly good for me popcorn. It has some sort of fake butter salty powder on it and it's delicious.

4. We came home and Owen cooked for Ernie (pork chops with a pan sauce of white wine, dijon mustard, onion, and butter). Me? I had some grass-fed ground beef, sweet potato, and greens. Was one clean, one not? Hell if I know. But what I know is that I feel better since I changed my diet. That's me, that's my body, and there are a lot of complicated reasons for that…some of which I have figured out, and some of which I haven't. 

5. My take away is that it's ok if I eat this way but I shouldn't refer to it as clean eating. Hmmm. Simple eating? But would that imply that if you don't eat this way it's complicated eating? Heh. Healthy eating? Is that judgemental about those that don't eat this way? And why is my talking about the way I eat saying anything about the way I think others should eat? I think people should eat. That's about all I think about everyone else's eating.

6. Organic can be more expensive. Yup. I get my organic stuff mostly from Aldi's which is far cheaper than at other places in town. I also think it's more important to eat vegetables than it is to eat organic vegetables. We eat organic where we can…and we eat grass fed and local when possible. We can't afford for all our meat to be that way. It bothers me that I'm eating better quality food than Owen is. It's more important for him really…but good God…do you know how much that boy can eat? We struggle with the balance. Leo doesn't eat meat but the rest of his food choices are less than stellar. But there's a point where you have to let them makes their choices. As I do…make my own choices I mean.

7. Classism is certainly something to think about. As the boys grew up and started playing with other kids I quickly learned that while I didn't give a rat's ass about what color their friends were, I sometimes had a hard time with class differences. In some ways, I'm the most down to earth person around, but I have my weak points, no doubt about that.

8. Yes, I like to write about cooking and take pictures and post it on Instagram. I actually started a second Instagram account because I didn't want to overwhelm folks with my food. I don't feel that way about my signs, so why do I feel that way about my food?

9. One upside to all this is that I have a new hashtag. #peopleshouldeat

10. Rascal stays above the fray. He believes all eating is good.






2 thoughts on “People Should Eat and Disordered Thoughts on My Diet

  1. “Me Eating.” Call it that. You’ve pared and cleaned out your diet until it works for you. Me Eating.