1. Too much arugula in my smoothie today. I used a spinach/arugula mix, which I often do, and it seemed to be heavier on arugula than usual. Oh well…still pretty good.

2. One last comment on the whole clean eating thing. I feel bad that the friend who originally wrote to me about the term got a bit demonized. They are a smart and thoughtful person and were trying to point out something I might not be aware of. I was taken aback, but it did make me think and that is always a good thing. So. Onward. 

3. I rarely share the Facebook memories that pop up, but today's was a winner…and oh, how it brought me back to this time. Just look at us all. I will always miss my mother. And look at that…Leo SMILING!


Then, of course, I started combing through other old pictures. From the same year, 2008…Owen in his Indiana Jones regalia…and Leo with some kind of bike concern.



Here is the following year, or wait, maybe it's two years later. I think this is the last time they did our little Eisner Park parade. The next year we were out of town and after that, they proclaimed themselves too grown up. Sigh.


4. Happy Fourth to all, despite what is going on in DC.