Ernie managed to get me up early and off to the farmer's market yesterday. I even got TWO hugs from Greg from Claybank Farms. Came home with a haul….blue kale, bok choy, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, red potatoes, AND raspberries! I love raspberries so much…definitely my favorite berry. My dad had tons of them in the back yard in Lisle and I remember him sending us home with big cartons of sun-warmed berries. No other berries will ever be THAT good, but these were pretty close. We nibbled on them in the car on the ride home and they were stunningly good.


We also got some smoked pork chops from Triple S. Good God in heaven those are good. Dinner was a smoked pork chop with raspberries, blanched green beans, and a purple cabbage and avocado slaw (just olive oil and a bit of balsamic vinegar). I thought about making a raspberry sauce but all the sauce recipes seemed to call for sugar….the berries were so ripe and luscious that I just spooned them on top. It was pretty wonderful.


I'm trying to convince the boys to go see Toy Story 4 with us. We shall see.