Thank God for teenagers that wake up when you call them before 8 in the morning. I'm sitting here at the Carle Heart and Vascular Institute so Ernie can have a procedure done. He needs to wear a compression stocking afterward and we brought the wrong size with us. This procedure has already been postponed twice…once for the Big Boy, and once because of the doctor's schedule. I really didn't want to postpone it again because he gets so much pain. We could go buy one but last time it took Carle Medical Supply a week to get it in. I desperately called Owen and the sleepy little sweet pea ANSWERED….and blearily searched until he found the right one. He is zooming the right size stocking over in the Bug right now. 


In less positive news, the City says that the dead tree that is in our neighbor's yard (the brick house at the end of the street) is actually in OUR yard and we have ten days to have it removed.


What the hell will that cost?

I could just cry. Not sure what I'm going to do about that.





One thought on “Stockings and Trees

  1. Whoa to the info about that tree! I’m sure you can contact the city for an extension of that deadline. When I had to paint my garage (or be fined) I got two extensions, i recall, because of scheduling. All the tree guys I know are busy because of wind damage from storms.
    Is it possible to look at the info with your mortgage that I’m guessing you must have some where (info from the title company maybe?). Anyway I’d definitely look at that boundary. When you moved there, was that fence there? Or did you guys put it up? Seems the boundary would have been important with that.
    I’d guess you’re looking at something like $3000-$5000 to have that removed.
    I’m sorry to read this news.