We all went to see Toy Story 4 yesterday. If I can be proud of anything, I think the fact that my 19-year-old and 17-year-old agreed to go see that with us is right up there. They did insist on going early so they could get it over with, but I can live with that. We all really enjoyed it; they even openly admitted liking it (!), and the fact that much of it was set in an antique shop was the icing on the cake. Afterward, we went to Fries and Peanuts with them, something we don't do as often anymore as they seem to have lives of their own these days. It was lovely. 

My plans for dinner kept getting simpler and simpler. First, it was lamb chops, then I thought that seemed like too much work, so I defrosted salmon, and eventually, I threw in the towel, and we all scavenged. Despite that, my dinner was ridiculously good. A sweet potato, drizzled with olive oil, salt, and the last of the scrumptious raspberries. I never would have thought about putting those together, but I wanted to use up the raspberries….the weight of their juice was making them start to sink into themselves. It was so incredibly good. Despite the raspberries being sweet, they had a tartness that offset the sweet potato and the richness of the olive oil. What a startlingly good combination.


Rascal's morning visit to the bedroom.


I've become obsessed with how dreadful this weedy area outside Seven Saints looks, at the base that jester statue I don't care for.  I don't know whose responsibility it is, but it looks so horrible…filled with scrabbly plants and big weeds. I wouldn't want it outside my restaurant, right near where people sit. I don't get it.


My first nasturtium bloomed!! I love these flowers so much.


I'm actually a bit sad that Owen is selling his Star Wars figurines on eBay. Time moves so quickly.


I still don't understand how I have white and pink blooms on the same coneflower plant, but I'm not complaining.