As always, it IS nice to be home, even though we wished we could follow the Big Boy longer. Last night we didn't feel like cooking but threw together some salads and Ernie managed to get perfectly crispy skin on the salmon. Aldi's for the win! Well, Ernie too.

I enjoy eating out sometimes but I hate asking questions and saying no this and no that. I find it hard to do; makes me seem so fussy. But of course, when I don't…I pay for it. Good to be home and to feel sure about what I'm eating.


Ernie took me for a post-trip drink. He made another peanut bird. We have many peanut birds.


We're going through some old boxes with the boys' schoolwork. A few gems from Leo. #brotherlylove It's very amusing too, as they played together constantly.


And trains of course. Note the Big Boy on the left.


House concert alert! Bill Chambers will be playing at our friends Kevin and Sandra Elliott's house in Urbana next week. He played here…hmmm…was it two years ago? Anyway, we adore him, and his wife, Kate, and can't wait to see them again. More info here.  It will be a great show!


Of course, the following Thursday, August 15, you get to see the inimitable David Olney, with Daniel Seymour, at our place. DO. NOT. MISS. I think I'm going to do that Momofuku Bo Ssam and a celery salad, but who knows…I've been known to change my mind! If you haven't rsvp'd, just message or email me!

Today? Lunch with the boys. Afternoon at friends' house. Maybe putter in the yard. The window boxes need attention. Tomorrow I have lots of work to do, but today I will enjoy myself.