I can't plate whatsoever, but DAMN, we made an amazingly delicious dinner last night. My beloved Aldi's had boneless leg of lamb on sale this week. Grilled it with just some salt. I made a little vinaigrette with rosemary, garlic-seasoned olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and the pan juices. I had the lamb on a bed of arugula and spinach, with vinaigrette drizzled over all of it. OH MY GOD! Ernie had some potatoes with his, but I was happy with just the greens. SO GOOD!

On a less happy note, Leo came home early from work yesterday and is sick as a dog with a fever. Poor sweet pea. I woke up feeling wretched too, but no fever and I can't think of anything I ate that would make me sick, so I will push on — lots to do today.