I've recently become enamored of steamed vegetables. I know, I know, they don't sound exciting. Yesterday when I suggested steamed vegetables with our grilled chicken, Ernie asked me if I wanted applesauce or cottage cheese to go with it. Jerk. He admitted the vegetables were great though. I steamed broccoli, zucchini, and yellow pepper and just dressed them with olive oil and salt…oh, and a few flax seeds.

When I started my functional medicine protocol they suggested steaming vegetables. I kinda wrinkled my nose because I'm one to saute them or roast them….I like them caramelized or crunchy. Steaming them has been a bit of a revelation though. I've never thought zucchini tasted so good.

Yes, I did put too many vegetables on the plate….couldn't eat them all, but they're so damned pretty.


Morning Bob, in repose. He has easy access to Ernie, just through the doorway, the litterbox, the grate (in case any mice get active), and can see if Rascal is approaching from the stairway.


In rather exciting news, Owen will be working at Record Swap (tomorrow 11-4 if you'd like to visit). He said he's pleased to carry on the lineage of record store work in the family.

A study in greens. Photograph of an old green house, walls that were painted green for Owen's nursery, neon post its, and my favorite smoothie….organic cherries, avocado, coconut, and spinach. I love my office.


A strangely quick week this week. 


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