The internet certainly has its downsides, but the connections it creates can sometimes be magical. When Leo and Ernie did their Big Boy 4014 trip this Spring, they tacked on several extra days to head to Montana and document some abandoned substations from Leo's other favorite railroad, the Milwaukee Road. Leo wrote a great post (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I'm biased) about one in particular, in Loweth, Montana. He also did a YouTube video of his exploration of this abandoned behemoth. I swear, sometimes I'm still surprised by his deep voice. My sweet pea.

Lo and behold, he heard from the son of a woman who had grown up at the substation, in one of the houses next to it that is now gone. He then got in contact with the woman, who has sent him some incredibly rich emails of memories. Hopefully, Leo will write a post on all of this, so I won't spoil it, but it has been an amazing experience. He now has so much more knowledge of how the place really operated and what it was like from the eyes of a small girl living there. He had found this picture previously, and the woman he's been corresponding with is the little girl being held by the woman on the far right. There's the substation in the background. The tracks on the left are now gone.


Meggin Stewart gift, Western Heritage Center Collection

I was going to tie this into the story of connecting with Lowell Inness' great-niece through my blog post, but I'll save that for its own post. Sometimes posts percolate for a long time before I write them, other times I just blurt things out. For now, just enjoy this wonderful picture and the connection that could never have been planned.