We are slowly creating my office out of the black hole known as the "Fourth room." The guys had done lots of work, and although not everything is in place it is getting there. Oh, and what a difference it makes. I haven't had a private space to write since, hmmm, well, I guess since Judi moved in with us. That was 2008. Good lord, can you believe that? But…yeah, I guess so….look at the boys.

Anyway, it's wonderful to work up here…so much easier to focus even if I do sometimes miss a bit of entertainment. I still need to replace some lampshades that are falling apart, and some more things under the table to box up, but it is coming along. My beloved BIL Dennis has been incredibly kind, passing along a desk chair and a filing cabinet. Owen found me an antique tin box from the garage so I could have a junk drawer. We have to patch some wall spots before putting things up on the wall, but it's starting to feel like home.

My own little nest.

Ernie's childhood stuffed dog on top of the printer. Not sure what to do with him.


Spiderman stickers still on the wall, and lego drawers in place, but progress…


Lamps that have to be fixed or at least go to the basement, but there's even a chair so Ernie can come up and chat to me occasionally! My mother's old toy box, with Lego robotics and an old telescope on top of it. I believe there are fire trucks inside. No need to rush things.