I just finished up a great meeting….came home and had leftover salmon and salad for breakfast (the olive poached method…this time with just fresh parsley and tarragon….SO damn good). Now I'm taking a little break before I start working, in my OFFICE! The plan has been to convert the Fourth Room (known over the years as the Lego room, Owen's room as a baby, an office, and a record room) which has mostly been a junk room of late. "What do I do with this?," they ask. "Oh, just put it in the Fourth Room," I answer. The guys had done some work a few weeks back going through Lego and moving tubs of it into the attic (sniff, sniff) but yesterday Owen and Ernie put several hours in, clearing things out, sorting, cleaning, moving tables, etc. Owen gets big props for this…he was really great—even starting working before Ernie did. There's still lots to do….more Lego to move, mystery boxes, etc., but I am actually sitting at a desk typing this!!

I've mostly been working downstairs and it's hard on Ernie and the guys. I feel guilty if I shush them or tell them I can't talk, and they worry they're bothering me. And, I must admit that where I usually sit is right over where Owen plays drums in the basement. This will be much better for all. Last night I was so excited that I took a picture before I went to bed. Lots to do and sort, etc., but it's a space I can actually work in! It's the tiniest of four pretty small bedrooms, but because it's the smallest I think it was used the least. Thus, it's the only room upstairs that hasn't had the woodwork painted. It still has the soft green walls that Ernie and Judi painted when I was pregnant with Owen. Yesterday, I was enthusiastically telling Owen what it was like when he was a baby….the green walls, the crib with light blue and white checked sheets, and sheer curtains from Ikea that had pastel polka dots in greens and blues. He smirked, and said, "Well, it sounds like it was YOUR taste." I said, "You were an INFANT, you didn't have taste in interior design yet!" He tipped his head to the side and said, "Huh, well I guess you're right." WIN.