1. My boys are back home. Leo was off to Pennsylvania for four days, and Owen headed up to Pilsen with a friend yesterday. I was much, much happier when they were both back home, but also delighted that they had good trips. I like seeing them exploring the world.

2. Dinner the other night….smoked pork tenderloin on a bed of kale (thank you, Heather and Steve), with cucumber, celery, and plums. Just olive oil and salt for the dressing. The meat was heavenly…smoked slowly until just a bit over 140 degrees, and then we let it sit a bit. Smoky and tender.  Unfortunately, there were no leftovers as there was a horde of male teenagers in the house. The leftover pork was just a snack, they made themselves pancakes and fried chicken after that. The kitchen was a bit of a mess the next day, but hell, we leave it that way too, so I was just very pleased. Young men cooking. Yes!


3. I don't know what's going on in this picture, but I like it.


4. Look how close Bob and Hattie are. A miracle. Poor Hattie is off to the vet to have her anal gland dealt with. Ah, life's indignities.


The glorious, inimitable, singular David Olney on Thursday. Might have to ask him to do his version of Deeper Well, combined with Kubla Khan. Well, hmmm, or maybe this one.