Owen was at the Olney house concert for most of the night, but he slipped out to meet some friends toward the end. When we were getting ready to head to bed we called him to say, "uh, school tomorrow you know," and he assured us he was on his way home. The next morning when I woke up I found a message on my phone saying, "I broke down." Whoops. Evidently, he managed to hobble Cyril home, but it was a problem with spark plugs…which they'd just replaced. Ernie drove him to school, but the stress of the morning created the greatest, and, the last, first day of school picture ever.


Ernie's brother, Michael (our car guru), came over to look at it and determined that the heads have to be redrilled for the spark plugs…so they had to pull the engine out. Yesterday was the day.


Later, Owen stopped in the media room to show us the carburetor. He and Ernie discussed whether it was Cyril's heart, or his stomach, or his intestines. I'm not sure what decided upon.

Somehow, the first floor of the house reeked of car and oil and grease. We convinced Owen to take a shower. He did and then cooked some chicken dish that smelled delicious. The guy can cook.

Oh, and side note. The guys' other wonderful uncle, Dennis, gave them both toolbags full of tools (how cool is that?) the other day. He said he was at the store and had to reach past somebody to grab the set of screwdrivers. He excused himself and then told the guys he had a couple of nephews and one of them liked to wrench on his car, a 63 bug. The guy looked at him and then said, "Does he work at Black Dog?

I laughed so hard at that.

My guys.



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