David Olney says I can't change the color of my living room and I'm with him. Any time I think of it, I think about having a house concert with a different color in the background, and I realize I have to leave it gold. He says it reminds him of a Rembrandt painting and I know it seems to embody the warmth and comfort we find in these shows.

My beloved David Olney.

I couldn't love him more, or the wonderful Dan Seymour.

David, the person, the songwriter, the performers, the musician….every one of those is so exceptional. Put all together? Heartrendingly perfect.

I don't think I have the words right now, so I'll just post some pictures.

Oh, and I stole a bunch of these, so thank you Richard, Teri, Anne, and Eva!


Love to all that were there. I know Thursday can be a hard night…thanks for making it out.

Onward, with that Olney glow.

Thanks so much to Anne for capturing the last song….Deeper Well, with Kubla Khan, and even a dash of Edwin Starr thrown in.

Only David.


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