I had a work meeting yesterday morning, which I really enjoy. I also ran into one of my favorite people, Morgan Usadel, and got a hug from him, so I started off the day pretty nicely. I headed over to World Harvest for some olives and once again reminded myself that I need to shop there more often. The old location was so nice for us that we stopped in a lot more often. But damn, the place was really looking good yesterday and they had exactly the kind of olives I wanted. I scuttled home and worked until about 2:30, at which point Owen was home and so we took off for Chicago. Well, Evanston, to be exact. The Long Ryders are doing a reunion tour and their 1986 (I think) show at Harpo's in Detroit still ranks as one of my top ten shows ever. I hemmed and hawed about tickets because well, because…money. At the last minute, I rationalized it by saying it would for Ernie's birthday. Owen has grown to love them as well so I got three tickets, and managed to get the last table! Never thought I'd love reserved seating, but there you have it.

Driving to Chicago with Owen is delightful. He LOVES driving in the city. He's pretty much a master at it and he managed to get a parking place practically in front of the place. We had dinner in the Union Pizza that's in front of Space. They seated us in the far back corner; we wondered if they were ashamed of us but it actually was a delightful spot. The service was outstanding. So lovely. My salad was very good but I know it would have been even better if I hadn't had to say 'no roasted onions' and 'no toasted rye breadcrumbs.' The sweetness of the onion and crisp salty of the breadcrumbs would have put it over the top…just the way they planned it! It was still very good though…no complaints.


We loved the opening act, Joe Nolan. I could see him at a house concert sometime.


Got a chance to chat with Tina, and Steve Lindstrom. It was lovely to see them, and so nice to be able to introduce them to Owen.


The Long Ryders had some great moments but they weren't the Long Ryders of 1986. Of course, I'm not the Cynthia of 1986 either so there you go. Steven McCarthy was always my favorite Long Ryder so I got a picture of him with Owen and Ernie…two generations of Long Ryder fans!


We left Evanston and wound down Sheridan road. We drove down Chase Street to see the esteemed Lighthouse and our old apartment right at the end of the street by the lake. Then we got the urge to see the beach so we drove around to the Park District lot and just double-parked as it was full. It used to be all sand from the Leone Beach building down to the water. Now it's grass for much of the way with marked paths. Once we got to the edge of the water, I tossed my shoes off and waded. Ernie stood back as he usually does and Owen walked to the end of the breakwater as I yelled at him to be careful. The clouds were full of lightning flashes and I was so happy I could have cried. We pointed out the windows and balcony of our old apartment to Owen and standing there, listening to the waves and feeling the soft air, was a perfect moment. We clambered back into the car, me with sandy feet and finally headed home. Owen drove much of the way but he started to get tired so when we stopped to get gas and junk food (but gluten-free!) Ernie took over. I'd hoped I'd fall asleep but I was too wound up. We got home around 2:00 and I beat both Owen and Ernie to bed. I'm tired today but feel good.

Tomorrow? HOUSE CONCERT!! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

Julian pOSTER