I slept a good solid 11 hours last night and it felt delightful. There were a million things going on last night in town and there were tempting offers but I was so damn tired I knew I'd be sorry if I didn't stay home. I'm learning to listen to my body when it's tired. I didn't get much sleep the night before and it's been a busy week, AND we have the house concert tonight, so late afternoon we went for a drink at Huber's, I ate some popcorn, came home, he made scrambled eggs, I threw together a salad, we tried to watch tv and finally gave up. I was sound asleep at an embarrassingly early hour. I love sleep. It doesn't always love me back, but last night it did. Thank you sleep.

I just finished my breakfast of a leftover smoked sweet potato from Black Dog (thank you Owen) and now I'm pondering what we have to do to get ready for tonight's show. Not too much. The ratatouille is made. I'm going to make some rice with a basil-scallion kinda thing. We need to do some picking up, get the PA set up, clear off the kitchen counter (the most challenging task of all), etc.

Oh, and our street is finally open! Woo-hooo! I'll kind of miss driving along the alley between the Park and McKinley that the guys named Route 67 a million years ago, but it will be nice to have our street back. No confusing directions for driving through the Park and alley to get to us tonight.

We hope to see you…it's going to be a good night.





Open street

Mary King's birthday!


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