1. Lately, I've been having a lot of dreams in which my mother is horrifically angry at me. Last night there was one in which she refused to acknowledge my birthday and yelled at me for being upstairs in my grandparents' house with Debbie when I should have been downstairs. I wake up a bit shaken until I realize it's a dream. I don't know WHAT the hell that is all about. Unnerving. I'm doing ok, Mom. Really.

2. We always have had trouble getting WILL since we got rid of cable. We've scanned numerous times and it's never picked it up. I was resolved to watch the Country Music series though, so we played with it and finally got it!! Granted we have had to tape our antenna to the window…but you do what you have to. Getting to see and listen to Marty Stuart makes the whole thing even better (says the proud owner of a Marty Stuart Christmas ornament).


3. First email from a teacher yesterday so he made it almost a month. Sigh. His defense on not turning in the paper on Mr. and Mrs. Smith was that it was a piece of corporate schlock. Well, yeah. I tried to explain his brother's method of acknowledging that it's ridiculous, then looking at it with scorn and doing it anyway. He said he'd try. Oh, and his first response via text to Ernie was "She's (meaning his teacher) just trying to scare me into submission." Again, I said, "well, yeah." He was scared to come up and see me in my office after school. We had to lure him into the room like a recalcitrant toddler. I was thrilled to find that I can still scare him. Made my day.

4. I'm going to be so sorry when raspberry season is over. Side note…I love this olive oil from Aldi's.





2 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Yay WILL! Sorry for the ridiculous antenna set up. Didn’t get to watch COUNTRY MUSIC last night but Dennis liked it, too! Thanks for making the special effort to watch. Am gonna try the Aldi olive oil. Feel like we drink it around here! P.S. It’s streaming on demand (free) for two weeks at pbs.org, too!