It felt like a long weekend because we went to Ellnora on Thursday. That doesn't really make sense as it's not as though we go out every Friday, but nonetheless, it did. Yesterday kind of seemed like a bonus day. Ernie's brother, Michael came over late morning to work on the Cyril situation with Owen. I gotta say, the guys really hit the jackpot with their uncles. Ernie and I ran some errands. Good lord but it's easy to spend a lot of money at Target. Afterward, we went to Big Grove. They have half-price glasses of wine on Sundays so we sometimes go there to kind of finish off the weekend and plan for the week. Sadly, they have changed their popcorn recipe. The service is always super nice and friendly but slowww…I think we sit at the wrong end of the bar. We will experiment and get back to you.

Ernie grilled some chicken and I made an amalgamation of vegetables to go with it. Corn, peppers, and kale, with tomatoes added for Ernie and some spinach for me.


A teeny bit of color in our ragtag garden.


The sweet Autumn clematis is blooming and the scent is so wonderful, even if it does seem to mean the end of summer.


Don't forget…Julian Dawson house concert this Saturday. I'm making a big batch of ratatouille!