Many of you know that I love all things snow, but hell, this is a bit much even for me. It's HALLOWEEN. I always remember being HEARTBROKEN if my mother made me wear a coat over my costume. Somewhere there's a picture of me in a cat costume, Judi as a pilgrim, and Debbie wearing my Dad's sailor uniform. I remember my mother told me not to let me tail drag on the ground, and I worried all night. What we do to our children!

Despite the issue of snow on Halloween, I've quite enjoyed it. Always best when you're sitting inside looking out, of course!

my poor malva zebrina



Talk about frost on the pumpkin.


Yes, I ate this the other night. Pizza seems to be one of my weak spots. Gluten-free with green olives. I have found that I can handle gluten-free pizza OCCASIONALLY if I let go of pepperoni.

My heart breaks. First the oxford comma, now this.


My beautiful, ragged little girl is still hanging in there. Hattiegirl.