I was too busy to post yesterday, but yes, it is official. I have a 20-year-old. A brilliant, beautiful, and all that, 20 year old. My Leo. Of course, I regaled him with gruesome stories of his birth. He took it with his trademark smirk. We all went to dinner at Fries and Peanuts (of course) and it was delightful. I am so wonderfully proud of the man he has become. Afterward, we ran into someone they both knew separately, but we didn't…although we have friends in common. It's so funny to see the boys taking their place in the community.

This is a blurry picture, but pretty damn beautiful in my eyes, nonetheless.


A goofy picture of Ernie that I liked anyway…in front of the truck that Dennis is letting Owen us while Cyril continues to be under the weather (plans for him are in the works, but it's complicated).




And a gorgeous jar of garlic oil leftover from Ceal's garlic confit. Man, I love hr!