1. Hattie has always been a tad feisty. They don't say tortoiseshells are crazy for nothing. Despite her frailty, she hangs on to her true self. Last night, as I was scratching her head (JUST where she likes it, mind you) she decided she'd had enough and let me know by grabbing my wrist with her teeth and clamping down. 

For Christ's sake….I've squeezed her anal glands for her.

Hurt like HELL.

I washed it immediately as I know cat bites can be nasty. It hurt all night long and when I woke up this morning the two spots were red and sore and not looking great. Yeah, and me with no health insurance at the moment. I washed it again and put Neosporin on it. I'm glad I did. It seemed to moisten them enough to open up again and let out what surely was the beginning of an infection. It's still really sore but not QUITE as bad. Crossed fingers it continues to clear up on its own.

2. Overall Hattie is doing ok-ish. We give her some appetite stimulant in her ear every day. If we forget, she doesn't eat. Even with it, she's not eating much. She's still skinny and her beautiful long fur is kind of grey and thin these days. Poor Hattiegirl. We are aging together. I guess if someone squeezed my anal gland maybe I'd plot revenge too.

3. In other news, we tested our theory about Big Grove service. We didn't sit at the corner like we usually do. Service was better but you know, still kind of iffy. We did notice that the people sitting where we usually do had to track down a waitress to get the bartender for them. The wine is good and half price on Sundays but I just don't know. We didn't stay too long. I really WANT to love Big Grove, but they sometimes make it hard. 

4. Dinner, on the other hand was a complete success. Aldi's had fresh MSC certified ocean perch this week. I made a mixture of gluten free flour and cornstarch and Old Bay (it's low fodmap!!). I just dusted the fish in it and then sauteed it in a hot pan. We did our lazy salad of greens, avocado and berries. It was so good! I'm not sure I'd had ocean perch before but we both loved it.


5. Ok, I just finished the leftovers for lunch, so I'm back to work and will stop this rambling. I'll leave you with a little October treat from a few years back. My sweet peas.

10-11-2003  22