Reportedly Owen's Funeral's debut was a success. They even got an encore. Leo went so there will be video coming! Here is Owen leaning against my knees on the stairs while he told Ernie and me about it. I wanted to kill him a couple of times this week but I do adore him. I'm proud of both my boys.



I woke up bleary as hell today. I guess the dreary day doesn't help. Although, generally speaking, I like dreary weather. As I told someone yesterday; you know how people have Seasonal Affective Disorder? Well, I think I have Seasonal Affective ORDER. Last week was extraordinarily busy though and it wiped me out. I also woke up feeling lousy but I think that's my own fault for not eating well over the weekend. I ate some of the maple mustard pork I made for the house concert even though it had garlic and onion in it so I am paying the price. You'd think I'd be smarter about these things, but no.

Yesterday I spent some time gathering all the photos from the house concert together and doing some odds and ends. We eventually went for a drive and listened to Leo on the radio again. Lord, he's so LEO. I love him so. Eventually we found ourselves south of town and stopped at the same little place we did last week in Tuscola. 



We meandered home, scrounged leftovers, and went to bed early.